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Up the value chain

/ 21 April, 2010

Content providers are going direct to the consumer from farther overnight cialis and farther up the delivery chain as delivery options to the consumer expand. Broadcasters are responding to the viewers’ demand to view on their own schedule. The broadcasters’ websites are now a significant distribution point, and the trend is increasing. Mobile devices, too, are becoming a target, as viewers want content “to go.” Tech Access is a dynamic mobile and web solutions provider with a diverse product profile, whose pioneering software brings rich content on mobile and web platforms.

The consumers’ behavior is going through a massive change in terms of the usage of media and entertainment product. The demand levitra prices in india for fast, easy and convenient (cheap) access to entertainment products and information has increased massively within the past few years. This is due to the rapid technology improvement in the device manufacturing industry. As a result of

this, media companies are facing a very competitive market where companies from different technology and service areas are competing with each other to have a share in order to survive and grow. Therefore, only innovative solutions can help coping with today’s challenges.

Tech Access is constantly developing the most compelling, state of the art intellectual properties that range from mobile applications such as live news and sport applications on the mobile to community based web and wap sites. These value added applications are targeted at companies, organizations as well as sponsors of various branches, such as MNOs, Content Providers, Content Aggregators, ISPs, Handsets Manufacturers, Sport Clubs, Sport Associations and any other end-user driven organizations

Furthermore, Tech Access has developed a dynamic white label on device portal that can be customized according to the service providers or business’s nature. All applications have been developed with high flexibility to assure easy and quick modifications and customization to take advantage of a partners brand presence, marketing and customer retention strategy and give great opportunity to sponsors willing to promote their brands and increase customer awareness.

TAMS has developed various innovative mobile applications and value-added software to keep up with today’s trends and increase revenue and customers awareness for all involving parties within the telecom market chain. These applications bring great value to mobile operators and their subscriber base, to mobile phone and device manufactures as well as to End-Users/End


Mobile Network Operators enjoy increasing customer transactions and as a result, increasing revenues as well as customer satisfaction through attractive and interactive service portfolio, innovative and entertaining applications.

Subscribers can have relevant data applications through intuitive and positive user experience on their mobile device

Handset Manufacturers will gain competitive advantage by allowing the delivery of servicecentric UIs to mobile operators and as a result to increase attractiveness of their devices to the operators.


These mobile applications and software cover many areas of interest such as Sport related applications, (e.g. Football Companion, Cricket Companion, Trigger Happy Sports (THS), First Slip): Sports information applications for mobile phones that provide real-time game information on move. Cricket Companion (branded as Crickzenga) is the official live score

application on India Premier League until 2014.

On Device Portals to make data services more convenient to access, effective and visible to the end-customers. This on-phone application makes data services more visible and more accessible by the subscriber thereby increasing the usage of and revenue from existing data services. The product brings value to 3 major players in telecom market i.e. Subscribers, Mobile Operators, Manufacturers.

News applications to easy access to the latest news through various feeds and genres (RSS Reader): RSS Reader is a mobile news reader. User can add any RSS feed to the reader, and can read latest news for that feed on mobile. RSS Reader server keeps updating the feeds in regular intervals, so that users always get latest news.

Mobile Ad Application (OTA & Ad Server): A J2EE based server that provides Over The Air (OTA) provisioning of mobile applications. The OT A server has the capability of handling multiple applications targeted at multiple devices and provide download facility for these applications using both wap and web interfaces. The OTA server is integrated with an advertisement server to provide advertisements within the application.

Mobile Greeting applications (MCard): MCard is a greeting card application with web and wap versions. This application enables the users to send cards schedules the greeting cards. Card is received on receiver’s mobile phone as wap push link.

Data Backup Applications (Boomerang): Boomerang is a mobile data backup application that enables users to synchronize their important mobile data including contacts and events. The application aims to provide community based interface to the end users where they can all get synchronized with their contacts.

Mobile Game Applications (LUDO, a mobile board game): LUDO is a J2ME based mobile board game for two to four players.

Mobile Instant Messaging Application (Unicorn): Unicorn is a mobile instant messaging service that enables users to send and receive messages to members of the company as well as users of other instant messaging services namely MSN, Yahoo and Google Talk

Community based file sharing containing user content management (Media Browser): Media browser represents a user community based around file sharing. It contains features such as user content management, sharing and communication.

Entrepreneur’s CMS to manage day2day activities, (My Blue Sky): My Blue Sky is an entrepreneur’s CMS which enables the employees to manage their day to day activities.

Employees have to login once and then they can manage different stuff from one place