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Scaling the storage barrier

/ 21 April, 2010

Driven by market forces, the broadcasting industry is going through a period of accelerating change. Media is being distributed by a rapidly increasing number of outlets, with progressively more personalized viewing options. With the help of NetApp disk-based storage, a variety of media environments are able to focus on improving revenues and get on with the more critical aspects of their workflows – all without worrying about significant content access, security, or management issues.

In many media companies today, the IT and creative departments are working together to align the IT capabilities of the company with core media operations. They create a competitive advantage by optimizing filebased workflows for managing and delivering content to a wide range of media outlets.

With NetApp, the same storage architecture that delivers improved performance for back-office applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SAP, and Oracle can also help improve performance and accessibility for online, near-line, and archival storage of your core video, audio, and image assets.

Manage more content with fewer resources

You can greatly simplify data management and reduce IT administration costs with our unified storage architecture, which runs the same software and processes across all tiers. Virtualization capabilities are built into all NetApp storage platforms to simplify enterprise data management while dramatically reducing TCO. NetApp storage virtualization and consolidation solutions include consistent and streamlined interfaces that help you save money by reducing the number of people and servers needed to manage your storage.

Expand on the fly

Our systems are all powered by a unified storage architecture that delivers simplified data management with seamless scalability, enabling you to expand on the fly by using existing storage shelves and simply “swapping”with a higher performance model. Unlike competing solutions, there is no need for disruptive, time-consuming data migration when you need more storage. You are no longer constrained by your infrastructure: you can grow as dictated by your pipeline.

Maximize storage utilization

Now you can improve storage utilization and stop overprovisioning. With traditional disk arrays, you must allocate and dedicate storage at initial setup. When you use NetApp’s patented thin-provisioning

technology, you can reallocate storage on demand, without disrupting service to your creative team. This capability typically increases storage utilization by as much as 40%.

Speed delivery of higher quality content

Our scale-out storage solutions for digital media uniquely address the scalability requirements of large multisite production facilities. You can scale up to dozens of nodes with multiple gigabytes per second

of throughput and petabytes of storage capacity, all in a single global namespace.

Performance scales linearly as you add additional nodes. Our solutions deliver the foundation for file-based, high-definition content management, so our customers in distributed environments can take full advantage of a 24×7 worldwide production pipeline.

Create content once and deliver using many mediums

NetApp’s support for heterogeneous applications and protocols means you can use one storage platform to feed all your automation, asset management, transcoding, and ingest/playout servers. And because you can access and deliver content over any standard network protocol, you can create the content once and deliver it for a variety of purposes: on-air broadcast,

Internet streaming, mobile distribution, or archive storage. For nonlinear editors, NetApp provides the central content repository that delivers content to editing and compositing storage systems.

Improve your workflow at lower cost

With NetApp data protection technology, less expensive SATA disk technology is now a viable choice for your workflow: digital content creation, management, delivery, and archive applications. NetApp offers the protection you need to avoid lost content files. Our patented, Double-Parity RAID (RAID-DP) technology delivers superior data protection while providing the performance your most demanding applications require.

Unleash creativity with uninterrupted availability

Now your creative team can focus on content creation instead of troubleshooting or fighting the limitations of your infrastructure. With our data resiliency and replication technologies, you can be assured that your content is available when and where it is needed. Our clustered solutions lead the

industry with uptime in excess of 99.998%. You get continuous system and application availability without sacrificing cost, performance, or capacity utilization.


There is no room for error when it comes to protecting your content or your clients’ content. With our security appliances, you get military-grade encryption for data at rest and in flight, reducing the risk of

unauthorized access, misuse, or theft. You can easily deploy our in-line security technology anywhere in your architecture without impeding your creative workflow.

Increase backup speed and reliability

Our disk-based data protection solutions safeguard your content assets at a cost that lets you protect more data than you ever thought possible. Our virtual tape library products, for example, reduce the cost of enterprise-class disk-to-disk backup by 50% to 67% through high-performance disk compression. You can also use our disk-based backup solutions with our mirroring and replication technologies to instantaneously retrieve lost data in the event of a failure.

Team with an industry leader

Media and entertainment companies around the world rely on our unified storage architecture for its superior scalability, flexibility, manageability, and reliability. From film studios to postproduction houses to game publishers and broadcasters, we help media and entertainment companies successfully

and cost-effectively create, manage, and deliver content. The productivity and cost benefits of our solutions are among the reasons Gartner, Inc. puts NetApp in the “Leaders” quadrant, its highest rating.

To help your business go further, faster, our global enterprise-class services and support experts are available to you when and where you need them, from needs assessment to maintenance. Teaming with NetApp, you can maximise your returns on assets throughout the life of ownership by freeing up your internal resources, maximizing uptime, and minimizing disruption.