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Review: Galaxy S6 Edge

/ 31 May, 2015

s6 edgeFor smartphone aficionados looking for a device that combines style and functionality, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge might just be the phone for you.

Samsung has a reputation of being a pioneer of innovations when it comes to smartphone technologies, and the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge proves just that.

The tech giant’s latest flagship mobile is truly a striking handset that you would definitely want to get your hands on. As compared with the old Samsung smartphones, which had a plastic body, the Galaxy S6 Edge’s premium metal and glass design gives the device that certain elegance and sophistication.

A big change in the physical structure from the Galaxy series is S6 Edge’s built-in battery and memory, which means you don’t need to remove the back cover to insert a memory card or the battery anymore. Nevertheless, the device comes in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB configurations which gives users plenty of storage space to play with.

Galaxy S6 Edge comes with a 5.1-inch super AMOLED screen that has an impressive resolution of 577 pixels per inch, and of course the cleverly done curved screen edges makes the smartphone very distinctive. Its slick display gives you a crisp and detail-rich graphics.

The People Edge feature is one simple yet interesting addition to the smartphone. This allows the user to quickly access five chosen contacts using a colour-coding system, and he can detect whenever a call or message is received from these selected people, even when the device is faced down.

The smartphone sports a powerful hardware and is equipped with Android OS Lollipop, which makes for a snappy and smooth performance. However, on occasion switching between apps and scrolling down websites tend to stutter for about four to five seconds. It’s also not very good for fast smartphone typists as it tends to lag behind what you’re typing, especially when it tries to auto-correct during typing.

With mobile devices today, the camera is undeniably one of the most sought after features by users. With this, Galaxy S6 Edge’s does not disappoint with its 5MP front camera and a 16MP rear camera, and offers a myriad of options such as selective focus, panorama, and slow and fast motion, which allows you to capture fantastic photos and videos. Also, in a generation where everyone loves taking selfies, including high-level professionals, tapping the heart rate sensor on the device will let you do just that effortlessly. However, the smooth front and back surfaces of the Galaxy S6 Edge makes it quite tricky for one to get a good grip on it. It is also quite disappointing that it is not waterproof unlike the S5.

The battery life is dependable, a full charge lasts up to 24 hours or so. Using the wireless charger is a great user experience as well, as it charges the phone just as fast and it gives you the flexibility to just grab your phone whenever you need it without worrying about the coils.

Despite some of the minor issues on the device, Galaxy S6 Edge comes packed with many features, which make what you’ll pay for this smartphone really worth it. The price ranges from AED 3,099 to AED 3,799. Its premium design and impressive functionality makes this a device that professionals of all ages and levels will surely enjoy.