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EMC launches XtremIo 4.0

/ 14 May, 2015

17207665639_a6a9c007d0_oEMC has unveiled XtremIO version 4.0, a free software upgrade to XtremIO v3.X arrays, which now supports new larger all-flash array configurations and expands its on-demand capabilities.

XtremIO 4.0 leverages XtremIO’s scale-out architecture, more than doubling previous density with 40TBs per X-Brick and by offering configurations of up to eight 40TB X-Bricks.

In the 18 months since becoming available, XtremIO has risen to become the fastest-selling product in EMC history.

XtremIO supports scale-out replication based on EMC RecoverPoint software. Data on XtremIO arrays can be replicated to other XtremIO arrays or any array supported by RecoverPoint.

EMC is introducing a new 40TB X-Brick building block, which is double the density of previous XtremIO systems.

In addition, XtremIO clusters now scale up to eight X-Bricks with 16 N-way active controllers (up from 12), capable of delivering petabytes of effective capacity in a single rack through inline data reduction.

 “When we launched XtremIO we explained that ‘architecture matters,’ and in the past year this has been validated by the market as XtremIO became the #1 all-flash array in record time,” Guy Churchward, President, EMC Core Technologies, said. “With XtremIO 4.0, we’ve boosted that solid foundation with scale and data services that truly transform not just the speed at which applications run, but the entire way in which they’re deployed. XtremIO customers gain agility, simplicity and capabilities that help them make developers more productive, get applications deployed faster, and deliver higher quality. XtremIO is the strategic asset in the data centre that simply redefines what’s possible.”