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Huawei launches solutions trio at Cloud Conference

/ 13 May, 2015



Huawei today hosted its Cloud Conference 2015 under the slogan ‘Make IT Simple, Make Business Agile’ at the Burj Al Arab hotel cialis online purchase in Dubai, UAE.

The firm used the event to launch a series of its enterprise solutions, including its Business Enabling System (BES), FusionSphere 5.0 and Oceanstor V3.

Management platform BES offers pre-integrated software modules, functional capabilities, API management and analytics 5 mg cialis canada technology. It http://www.cnmeonline.com/new/shop/real-viagra-gel/ is based on a new hierarchal architecture design based on integrated business processes.

FusionSphere 5.0 is an Open Stack-based cloud platform which offers viagra in canada converged computing, storage and network resource pools.

Storage platform Oceanstor V3 original levitra without prescription is a convergence of SAN & NAS, SSD & HDD, high-end, mid-range & entry-level storage, primary & backup systems as well as heterogeneous storage platforms.

The platform combines a cloud-oriented architecture with where do you get viagra from new hardware.

“Rapid developments in the digital world are redefining information technology and changing the way that organisations operate,” said Shi Yaohong, President, Huawei generic cialis next day shipping Middle East. “Nowadays Huawei is recognised by enterprises and telecom operators as a partner that develops innovative and differentiated IT solutions, and our ambitions will remain to help all our customers in the Middle East to address their evolving business needs.”

During the two-day event, IT leaders from across the Middle East, including telecom operators and verticals in the enterprise market, engaged in a variety of best practice sessions and panel discussions to exchange ideas on how converged IT systems can become more flexible, open and easier to manage while remaining cost-effective and reliable at the same time.

In addition to the Conference, Huawei also hosted a roundtable which gathered a range of the company’s regional executives for a discussion on the new solutions.

Sanjay Sainani, Vice President, Cloud Computing, Data Centre Infrastructure and Facilities, Huawei Middle-East, said, “Huawei does not have the legacy issues that a lot of our competitors are burdened with, so we can use the best technology for our solutions.

“We’re not focused at all on middleware; solely on infrastructure. There are three layers to our cloud: the facility, where the infrastructure is hosted; the infrastructure itself – servers, storage, networks; and the cloud on top of that. This cloud has no baggage, and has an open architecture, with no vendor lock-in where any business app can be placed on top.”