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Changing the rules

/ 21 April, 2010

In addition to the need of extreme scalability and flexibility, the use of IT solutions require a focused approach and deep understanding of the purpose and goals of broadcast organizations. Tech Access has a deep understanding of the broadcast industry to analyze where and how to best apply enterprise technology solutions to meet the unique needs of the media, entertainment and broadcasting environment.

Tech Access’ technology portfolio includes

_ Digital Archive Solution

_ White Label Content Portal

_ Broadcasting

_ Multimedia Production and Adaption

_ Multimedia Distribution

1) Digital Archive Solution

As television and broadcast facilities change over to digital broadcasting the need for a digital video archive becomes apparent. Recording to videotape is no longer an option, but archives must still be created. The answer lies in a digital video archive system that can be tailored to match the needs of the facility.

Tech Access is happy to provide the most effective and competitive solutions

including but not limited to the following:

_ Intensive analysis of the current system

_ Identifying current and future needs

_ Proposing the ideal archiving system

_ System integration

_ Professional Customer Support

2) White Label Content Portal (WLCP)

Tech Access’s WLCP (White Label Content Portal) allows user to not only control what information will be presented on store-front but also how this information will be displayed. It is a generalized CMS and able to cater all kind of business domains with minimal customization in very quick time. It can also manage multiple users contributing to your website content, providing different access rights for different users.

Main WLCP (CMS) features include but are not limited to the following:

• Content Creation & ingestion

• Content Management

• Portfolio Management

• Multichannel Publishing

• BPM – Workflow Management

• Personalization

• Localization

• Audit Trail

• Reporting Engine

• Documentation

• User Guide

3) Broadcast, Multimedia & Distribution

Being a key element within the complete media industry chain, Tech Access has developed the most effective infrastructure and solutions to support media companies to survive in today’s most competitive environment. From media creation, digitization, acquisition, licensing, archiving and adaption, to broadcast and distribution, Tech Access provides the best compelling solutions.

Tech Access provides a comprehensive reference architecture that enables any type of rich media to be ingested, managed, transformed, repackaged, and delivered to any application, such as editing, effects, scheduling, linear broadcast, VOD across SDV/IPTV, mobile, Internet and downloads. Our infrastructure products include world leading lifecycle management storage products, network management systems,content management/ business approval systems, DRM and secure distribution, and archival/retention systems.

Tech Access drives additional revenue for converged operators and service providers by delivering the best multimedia user experience, while reducing associated costs. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that deliver any multimedia content to any device, focusing on the best possible user experience to drive consumer adoption of converged services like MMS, mobile & web TV, user generated content and video on demand. Being able to create an ecosystem for the ingestion, optimization, management, delivery of multimedia content is the key to service success.

IPTV, Mobile – and Internet TV

Trends: IPTV, Mobile and Internet TV represent important competitive opportunities for communications companies. Operators as well as other involving technology companies should be acting now to address their most important operational challenges. Service provisioning and customer service are extremely important. So is storage and management of digital content, and developing true, end-to-end quality of service in a complex network. Moving away from the traditional push based advertising; IPTV, Mobile – and Online providers are now able to generate a greater accuracy in their statistics. But with the wide variety of technology for such services, the choice becomes difficult; add to the wide variety of vendors quoting for such services, the solution as a whole looses credibility.

Solutions: A robust and stable platform is the most important ingredient to success. Without such a platform, and the architecture that underpins it, operators cannot develop and retain the customer base necessary to succeed. Tech Access works with its partners to deliver an end to end service for Telcos, Handset Manufacturers and broadcast stations to realize the benefits of Mobile TV, IPTV and Internet TV. Tech Access is also able to provide content for IPTV, Mobile and Online TV


IPTV (e.g.) enables higher quality content to be delivered to the end client, allows organizations to monetize more effectively using services like VOD (Video on Demand), PPV (Pay per view), games, VoIP, and many more. IPTV has been proven worldwide that it increases market share from both subscription based revenue and advertising based revenue. Enabling a two way communication to the consumer enables more effective adverts to be positioned.