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At the forefront

/ 21 April, 2010

Furthermore, it is very important to implement reliable content management system to provide the best content services via all available channels.

TAMS is constantly developing the most compelling, state of the art intellectual properties that range from value added mobile applications, content management systems and delivery solutions to community based web and wap sites and applications.

These value added applications are targeted at companies and organizations of various branches, such as MNOs, Content Providers, ISPs, Handsets Manufacturers, Sport Clubs, Sport Associations and any other end-user driven organizations.

Our excellent expertise in the application development puts us in the best position to keep up with today’s trends and increase revenue and customer awareness of our clients within and outside the telecommunication industry.

All applications have been developed with high flexibility to assure easy and quick modifications and customization to take advantage of a partners brand presence, marketing and customer retention strategy and give great opportunity to sponsors willing to promote their brands and increase customer awareness.

In general, TAMS can deliver these applications to market at competitive prices, quicker and with more functionality. This brings great value to MNOs and their subscriber base, to mobile phone manufactures as well as to End-Users/End Customers.

Mobile Network Operators enjoy increasing customer transactions and as a result, increasing revenues as well as customer satisfaction through attractive and interactive service portfolio, innovative and entertaining applications.

Subscribers stand to benefit through intuitive and positive user experience on the mobile device and handset manufacturers can gain competitive advantage by allowing the delivery of service-centric UIs to mobile operators and as a result increasing attractiveness of their devices to the operators.


Branding: TAMS applications are dynamically modifiable and can be easily re-skinned to present and promote partners name, logo and corporate identity elements (e.g. colors). It also contains the possibility to send partner specific messages and offers to End-Users.

Reach & Frequency: Brand owners can extend the reach like no other form of media today by partnering with the MNOs. By tying into the leading MNOs an SMS can be set not only to WAP & 3G enabled users but to every name on the Network Providers’ DB. The benefit to the Network

Provider is that this would encourage customers to upgrade their service.

Advertising:Through the imbedded advertising module with its own ad serving capability, our applications allow a dynamic control of the timing and frequency of the specific ads.

Furthermore, TAMS has developed a dynamic white label ODP that can be customized according to the service providers or business’s nature.

TAMS current portfolio consists of several products that cover diverse aspects of mobile content delivery and targets various user groups. Some of the successful products are based on unique ideas thrown by creative team of engineers at TAMS.

One of the successful and unique applications provided by TAMS is the Cricket Companion with worldwide acceptance which is reflected from the fact that it has attracted a community of over 1 Million in more than 90 countries within 2 years.

Cricket Companion

Mobile based live textual score broadcast solution which provides the end consumers using JAVA enabled mobile phones and GPRS connectivity with live “ball by ball” coverage of cricket scores on a mobile phone. It also has the functionality for live streaming and VOD content. This application has won the Sony Ericsson developer award 2009. Crickzenga has also been declared as the official live score application of IPL (Indian Premier League) until 2014.

Currently, it has an active community of 2.5 million users.

The Cricket Companion is constantly being improved and further features being added. The current version supports around 800 Devices and contains the following features:

Live updates, ball by ball commentary, Match-Results, Adding matches as favorites for automated starts at the time of match, full statistical details, Schedules of future matches, International Team and Player Rankings, Wagon wheel, Video streaming, Sending scores via sms, Inviting friends and more.

Other major products on TAMS’ portfolio list are:

? Mobile: Cricket Companion, Football Companion, Mobile TV, M-Cards, Boomrang, RSS Reader, Email Client for BREW Platform, Widgets for BREW platform, Document to SVG Converter, Unicorn, Ludo, On-Device Portal, and an Advert Server.

? Web: Major projects include While label content portal, Media Portal, Media Browser, Trigger Happy Sports, My Blue Sky, eMMS.