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Etisalat to deliver GISEC keynote

/ 27 April, 2015


Kamran Ahsan, Senior Director of Digital Security Solutions, Etisalat
Kamran Ahsan, Senior Director of Digital Security Solutions, Etisalat

Etisalat is lowest-price propecia costs us stressing the importance of organisations sharing their risk with trusted service partners as the telco presents its portfolio of digital security solutions at GISEC 2015.

On 28th April, Etisalat will deliver a keynote titled “The Enterprise Impact of Cyber Risk through the Shareholder Lens”. Speaking in advance of the company’s GISEC debut, Etisalat speaker Kamran Ahsan, Senior Director of Digital Security Solutions said, “We want to highlight to organisations that cyber risks are gaining grounds and growing in volume, variety and velocity. The impact of these risks has now caught the attention of shareholders and this is where our portfolio of digital security services adds value and assists business owners in managing these risks.”

“This region is very prone to more sophisticated cyber attacks and we need an ecosystem of shareholders, business custodians and trusted security service partners to jointly safeguard our business environments; government, enterprise and SMBs,” he further added.

Ahsan will also present the company’s portfolio of security solutions that assures continuous improvement of security posture of its customers’ business environments. Three major service categories being showcased in GISEC include network-based offerings, which are unique to Etisalat, advanced Managed Security Services delivered from Etisalat’s state of the art Security order levitra from canada Operations Centre (SOC) and set of cybersecurity services offering actionable intelligence for diversified industry verticals.

Etisalat presentation will also elaborate on a unique best online generic levitra approach for businesses that will enlighten the audience on focusing on the right disciplines and adopting security services delivered by trusted service partners. “This will empower shareholders in becoming the “knowledgeable owners,”  Ahsan stated.