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Refined backup and recovery

/ 21 July, 2010

The NetApp GeoFrame enhanced backup and recovery solution significantly improves protection of valuable GeoFrame data by dramatically increasing backup and recovery speed, and streamlining backup and recovery processes. This complete and cost-effective solution can greatly enhance the productivity of geoscientists and increase their ability to make time-critical decisions.

Customer challenges

Number of projects is increasing

Data sets expanding at an accelerating pace

Backups and restores are consuming more time, hampering user productivity, and affecting critical deadlines

Increasing costs

Market drivers

Need access to past intelligence and knowledge

Larger data sets and new, more demanding workflows

Tape decay; re-mastering and transcription costs are increasing

Post-disaster operations

Key message

Dramatically faster backups and reduced capacity requirements

Create multiple full backups throughout the day

Quickly determine which recovery point contains the needed data and save valuable time

Streamlined backup and recovery processes ensure user productivity while reducing costs

Product differentiators

NetApp Data ONTAP feature set was specifically designed for high-volume, high-performance data environments like GeoFrame

Unmatched data protection and manageability that can help customers reduce overhead and eliminate disruptions

Recovery points for GeoFrame data are created instantly using NetApp Snapshot technology

Multiple options to recover allow users to inspect a GeoFrame project prior to a restore

Space efficient backups

Retain recovery points for weeks, months, even years, reducing dependency on tape

Easy to implement and maintain

NetApp Solution Advantages

Take consistent point-in-time copies of all GeoFrame and Oracle data in minutes or even seconds

Perform multiple daily backups as needed, with no performance impact

Maintain online archive of backups on secondary storage, minimising or eliminating tape

Schedule and automate backup processes for enhanced productivity

No-cost deduplication to enable higher storage utilisation

The solution

Required components:

• NetApp FAS system with Data ONTAP

• NetApp V-series supported

• NFS protocols

• NetApp Deduplication for FAS

• SnapManager for Oracle

Optional components:

• NetApp NearStore for secondary storage

• SnapVault for automated D2D backup

SIS Professional Services

• Site and Workflow Assessment, Integration

Customer proof

Apache Corporation:

Reduced recovery time from days to hours

Leading O&G Company:

Backup < 5 minutes instead of 8 hours, with no disruption or performance impact

Twofold longer retention on disk enabled, avoiding $11.5 million costs

Able to protect 100% of the data

More than 350 IT staff hours a year reclaimed for more valuable projects

Noble Energy:

Reduced restore time by 97%

Target customer profile

Major integrated oil and gas corporations, national oil and gas, independents and oil and gas services companies; upstream organisations with responsibility for business critical E&P applications and user data managed via GeoFrame; dedicated backup and recovery IT staff;and large physical tape environments

Pain points include:

*Inability to back up data nightly within the backup window

*Inability to recover data fast enough to avoid impact on project timelines

*Lost or damaged tapes or media and/or inability to track the location of tapes or media