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Palo Alto Networks acquires CirroSecure

/ 1 June, 2015
Saeed Agha
Saeed Agha, General Manager Palo Alto Networks Middle East

Palo Alto Networks announced its acquisition of CirroSecure, a Silicon Valley-based company specialising in securing Software as a Service (SaaS) http://www.cnmeonline.com/new/shop/levitra-without-prescription/ applications.

Saeed Agha, General Manager Palo Alto Networks Middle East, said, “The Palo Alto Networks Enterprise Security Platform provides the industry’s leading ability to safely enable applications and prevent cyber threats from compromising an organisation’s data and infrastructure. A key attribute of the platform is the ability to secure high risk, unsanctioned applications by providing superior visibility and control.”

The addition of the CirroSecure technology to the Palo Alto Networks platform expands this functionality by providing additional security for SaaS applications such as Box, Dropbox, GitHub, Google Drive, and salesforce.com that are highly collaborative, yet often store some of an organization’s most sensitive data.

The CirroSecure technology offers a highly differentiated approach to securing SaaS applications by providing complete visibility across all user, folder, and file activity while applying deep analytics into day-to-day usage to quickly determine if any policy or data security violations have occurred. These violations are prevented through the use of granular, context-aware policies that allow organisations to quickly quarantine users and data as soon as a cheap cialis pills violation has occurred to prevent loss of sensitive data.

This technology is expected to be available in the second half of 2015 as a new subscription-based service and integral part of our enterprise security platform.