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Huawei to host Dubai Cloud Conference

/ 7 May, 2015

Huawei HQHuawei is will welcome partners, businesses and industry analysts to its first ever ‘Huawei Cloud Conference in the Middle East’ taking place from 12th-13th May at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, UAE.

Under the theme ‘Make IT simple, make business agile’, this year’s Conference will focus on how telecom operators and organisations in the Middle East enterprise market can continue to drive business through embracing technology innovation that ultimately makes IT simple and businesses more agile.

The event will include a series of Huawei’s latest enterprise and telecom-focused product launches, plus keynotes from alliance partners that the company is currently working in close collaboration with. The agenda will also feature sessions dedicated to industry hot topics, including how organisations can leverage cloud-based IT systems for better, faster and more efficient business operations, and why new business IT applications are being designed to support a more open digital ecosystem.