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FireEye aims for a cultural shift around advanced security

/ 22 September, 2014

ashar-azizFireEye has announced two solutions that aim to help organisations scale their defense strategies. FireEye as a Service is on-demand security management solution that lets organisations detonate cyber-attacks using FireEye’s technology, intelligence and expertise. FireEye Advanced Threat Intelligence provides access to threat data and analytical tools that help organisations identify attacks. Together both the offerings enable organisations implement an Adaptive Defense security model.

With this new approach, organisations can significantly reduce the risk of cyber-attacks with on-demand access to FireEye’s expert team of analysts, forensic specialists and malware reverse engineers.

Ashar Aziz, Founder of FireEye said, ‘The number of unique infections have been growing considerably in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa region. While the Middle East region might not possess the arsenal of zero-day exploits available in Russia, or the brute-force numbers of China, it plays host instead to the many hackers that rely on cyber tactics that emphasize novelty, creativity and deception.

“The actual challenge lies with a cultural shift that needs to be brought about in the Middle East as the region is most permeable to cyber threats,” Ashar says. “Although we intend to work closely with the government and the energy sectors, we will not limit our product offerings to any particular vertical. As the pioneers of Advanced Threat Defense, of which sandboxing technology is merely a component, we are in the process of finalising partnerships with colleges/universities to offer crash courses on threat management and relevant skill sets.”

The government entities in Saudi Arabia and U.A.E are keen on spending on cyber security while the security budgets of the private companies are likely to go up by 18% by 2018, according to Frost Sullivan.  “The good news is today security is being budgeted in by both the governments and the private sector. We have the expertise and have had our clients’ staff intern with us. We now intend to turn the tables around and educate people on the technology that goes into advanced threat management before they are out of college,” Ashar added.