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Cisco to embed ‘Security Everywhere’ across the extended network

/ 15 June, 2015
Rabih Dabboussi, General Manager, Cisco UAE - 1
Rabih Dabboussi, General Manager, Cisco UAE,

Cisco has announced new offerings to embed security throughout the extended network – from the data centre out to endpoints, branch offices, and the cloud – for pervasive threat visibility and control.

By integrating security everywhere, enterprises and service providers gain the ability to deliver the threat-centric security requirements demanded by today’s dynamic threat landscape and capture emerging business opportunities created by the rise of the Digital Economy and the Internet of Everything (IoE).

Rabih Dabboussi, General Manager, Cisco UAE, “To protect against today’s threats and increase agility for organisations in the Middle East to seize new growth opportunities and implement new technologies, security must be pervasively embedded across the entire network infrastructure. By integrating ‘Security Everywhere’ throughout the extended network and through cloud-delivered services, Cisco is protecting a wider array of attack vectors. This also provides enterprises and service providers with the confidence that they have the continuous and retrospective visibility and control to support new technologies and business opportunities in the Internet of Everything and the Digital Economy.”

The IoE market is expected to generate $ 19 trillion in value to organisations globally over the next decade. However, cybercrime is simultaneously becoming increasingly sophisticated and industrialised such that the financial opportunity for cybercriminals also is rising and valued at an estimated $ 450 billion to $1 trillion.

To minimise the complexity of managing security across a distributed organisation and to increase threat visibility into the farthest reaches of the enterprise and global service provider infrastructures, Cisco is embedding security throughout the extended network. Cisco is adding more sensors to increase visibility; more control points to strengthen enforcement; and pervasive, advanced threat protection to reduce time-to-detection and time-to-response, limiting the impact of attacks. With security everywhere, Cisco provides scalable threat protection covering the broadest range of attack vectors and throughout the entire attack continuum – before, during and after an attack.