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BMC personalises IT services with MyIT

/ 30 October, 2012

Employees now have the ability to take personal control cheap 25mg viagra over the delivery of the IT services and information they require.

BMC’s MyIT is an enterprise software solution that has been designed to empower users to request IT assistance anytime and anywhere, as well as from any desktop, laptop and mobile device.

The solution works by delivering a personalised portfolio of technology and services to each individual employee, such as a content locker original levitra without prescription and mobile corporate app store.

BMC APAC chief technology officer, Suhas Kelkar, said MyIT is a response to the companies that have always wanted to streamline the IT side of their business.

“As we started to talk about this to our prospects and customers, we saw an overwhelming response,” he said.

One of the customers BMC talked to was Dell, as they are one of the software vendor’s premium customers for a variety of products.

“We went to them and used them as a sound board,” Kelkar said.

“They told us they had made an internal effort to bring something like this to employees, because there tends to be a gap between what employees want and what is being delivered to them.”

After Dell saw MyIT in action, Kelkar said the IT giant decided to put their internal efforts on hold.

Supply vs. Demand

Kelkar says it was not a single technological breakthrough that made MyIT possible, but a combination of “what enterprise IT wants to do.”

“MyIT is a culmination of that, as tablets and smartphones have already been around for a number of years,” he said.

“What MyIT brings to the table is that it combines them with enterprise IT needs.”

As for why the time is right for MyIT, Kelkar says this was actually the quickest BMC could bring MyIT to market.

“We would have done it three months ago or earlier if we had been ready for it,” he said.

“The need is so big we wanted to bring it out as soon as possible.”

Starting from January, BMC is going to run its early customer access programme, though Kelkar says it is already filled up and they cannot accept any more customers.

“Though they won’t have to wait long to try it out, as we will have MyIT publicly available three months later,” he said.