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After a period of reluctance, organisations in the Middle East are beginning to trust the cloud. Cloud has taken over the enterprise and transitioned from cautious trend to business critical technology. It is no longer a matter of if an organisation will deploy it, but when.

43% of organisations in the KSA and 40% in the UAE have invested in the technology during 2014, according to industry research. The decision to move to the cloud is far from the final position, there are many questions to be answered starting with; public, private or hybrid. In reality, however — in the case of large organisations, at least — the latter appears to be gaining the most traction for now.

Furthermore, analysts predict that more than a third of all data centre traffic will be based in the cloud by 2015. This upwards curve in cloud computing will continue to grow as we see more and more regional cloud deployments as organisations get the same levels of security, reliability and performance as was seen with on-premise deployments.

It therefore appears that an initial feeling of distrust towards the cloud — primarily driven by security concerns — has faded. These feelings were particularly apparent in the Middle East, where worries of data crossing borders further distanced CIOs from shiny public clouds owned by the likes of Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

Cloud 360° will help the region’s IT professionals and business leaders to implement the right cloud strategy for their business.











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