Sophos ready to announce Sophos Cloud and Project Galileo

Anoosha Pervaz by Anoosha Pervaz - September 17th, 2014

Sophos will make public a range of network, endpoint and server security solutions at GITEX. These will include Endpoint Antivirus, SafeGuard Encryption and Sophos Server Protection; spotlight would be on Sophos Cloud and …

Hacker headspace

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - August 19th, 2014

With cybercrime an ever-present danger, hackers around the world attack user data for financial and political gain. But they are not all bad. CNME takes a look at the mindset of hackers good and evil, and how they constantly ask questions of governments and top companies.

A safe bet

Jeevan Thankappan by Jeevan Thankappan - July 7th, 2014

The OS wars are nothing new. Every user has a laundry list of reasons why their operating system is king. One of the key points in determining which OS reigns supreme is security. CNME investigates the security successes and pitfalls of the most commonly used operating systems.

Virtual lock down

Annie Bricker by Annie Bricker - May 15th, 2014

Virtualisation has made the data centre a more flexible and agile place. However, the trade-off in this software-defined shift is a measure of complexity when it comes to protecting our data. Enterprises must reconsider their protection strategy to reflect the new, virtualised world.

The death of Internet privacy

Annie Bricker by Annie Bricker - March 26th, 2014

In the age of constant connection, internet users are sharing more and more sensitive information online. As hackers become more organised and the amount of data stored in the cloud increases, the potential for leaks of sensitive data becomes magnified.

Syrian Electronic Army breaches 1 million Forbes accounts

John E Dunn by John E Dunn - February 18th, 2014

The Syrian Electronic Army has defaced the Forbes news website and publishing the names, email addresses and encrypted passwords of over a million of its users.

The ‘mobile first’ approach

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - February 17th, 2014

Will CIOs be forced to take a ‘mobility first’ approach to building networks and is the Middle East really ready to put mobile first?

Sophos acquires security provider Cyberoam Technologies

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - February 11th, 2014

Sophos has announced today the acquisition of network security provider Cyberoam Technologies.

The ‘mobile first’ approach

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - February 3rd, 2014

IDC recently predicted that CIOs will be forced to take a ‘mobility first’ approach to building networks, whereby mobility solutions and BYOD policies are integrated into infrastructures. How accurate is this prediction, and is the Middle East really ready to put mobile first?

SophosLabs’ trends to watch in 2014

SophosLabs by SophosLabs - December 22nd, 2013

Major technology developments over the last year—and a series of revelations about the National Security Agency that shook the international security community—made 2013 an interesting year. In highlighting the past year’s security events, we’ve considered some emerging trends we are likely to see in the coming year.

The ‘Uncertainty Index’

Michael Goedeker, Director Pre Sales ESG, CEEMEA by Michael Goedeker, Director Pre Sales ESG, CEEMEA - December 17th, 2013

The potential business impact of cyber attacks and data loss, along with high-profile data breaches experienced by organisations like LexisNexis andEvernote, seems to have done little to convince small and mid-size businesses that they should be making cyber security a priority.

Sophos: SMB managers unaware of IT threats

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - November 20th, 2013

Sophos has released results of a study which shows some alarming findings on senior management’s knowledge of security procedures in SMBs.

MDM: The ultimate guide

Tom Paye by Tom Paye - November 12th, 2013

With some commentators labeling the BYOD trend as unstoppable, organisations are now turning to MDM to ensure the security of their networks. But how should MDM be tackled?

Big Data: big threat?

Tom Paye by Tom Paye - November 5th, 2013

“Collecting more and more unstructured data will open up another whole degree of attractiveness and may well lead to attackers seeing value in a form not previously recognised by the organisation that owns the data.”

New York Times site outage caused by attack on domain registrar, company says

Jaikumar Vijayan by Jaikumar Vijayan - August 28th, 2013

The New York Times blamed a prolonged website outage on Tuesday on a hacking attack at the company’s Australia-based domain name registrar, Melbourne IT.

WatchGuard rates highest in UTM

Ben Rossi by Ben Rossi - July 21st, 2013

WatchGuard Technologies has been awarded a “Performance Verified Certification” by independent test lab, Miercom, for performing nearly 3.5 times faster than competing unified threat management (UTM) solutions with standard UTM features enabled. The …

Enterprise anti-virus software test puts Kaspersky software out front, Microsoft at bottom

Ellen Mesmmer by Ellen Mesmmer - July 15th, 2013

Dennis Technology Labs said the most accurate product was Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows.

Gartner security survey: McAfee up, Trend Micro down

Ellen Messmer by Ellen Messmer - June 2nd, 2013

A Gartner report about the security software market out today shows that number-two-ranked McAfee enjoyed the most overall growth last year, Trend Micro slipped but stayed number three, and Symantec held onto its …

Security experts warn against Facebook Home

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - April 9th, 2013

Facebook Home, the new app that replaces the home screen on an Android smartphone, should be banned from corporate networks to avoid unnecessary security risks, experts say. Facebook introduced Home on Thursday, aiming to …

Washington, Seoul collaborate on cyber protection

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - April 4th, 2013

Recent massive cyber attacks that paralysed computer networks at several South Korean banks and broadcasters, strongly suspected to have been launched by North Korean hackers, have prompted Washington and Seoul to come up …

Average user carries 2.9 devices – Sophos

Tom Paye by Tom Paye - March 17th, 2013

A new Sophos survey has found that the average technology user carries 2.9 devices. The vendor’s Naked Security site conducted a survey of more than 2,200 users worldwide, asking readers how many devices …

FireEye launches new threat protection platform

Joe Lipscombe by Joe Lipscombe - March 3rd, 2013

Security company, FireEye, has announced a new threat protection platform designed to help enterprises deploy new security models to counter modern cyber attacks. Many traditional defences, such as firewalls and anti-virus, are not …

Are 8 Windows more shatterproof than 7?

Tom Paye by Tom Paye - February 12th, 2013

So far, the evidence suggests Windows 8 has hardly been the gleaming success that Microsoft no doubt hoped it would be. Microsoft might argue that Windows 8 has met sales expectations by selling …

Sophos unveils Mobile Control 3.0

Tom Paye by Tom Paye - February 5th, 2013

Sophos on Tuesday unveiled Mobile Control 3.0, the latest version of its MDM (mobile device management) product for Android-based tablets and smartphones. The new version includes support for Samsung SAFE (Samsung for enterprises) …

Experts defend password-based security

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - January 20th, 2013

Despite news that Google’s security team is experimenting with ways to replace passwords for logging in to websites, security experts have warned that passwords should not yet be tossed. Many experts have, however, …

Yahoo catches Microsoft, Google on webmail security

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - January 9th, 2013

Yahoo has started providing webmail users the option of using a secure connection, matching a similar feature Google and Microsoft have offered for several years. Yahoo’s delay in providing a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) …

Cyber criminals increasingly abusing .eu domains

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - November 25th, 2012

Cyber criminals are increasingly using .eu domain names in their attack campaigns, according to data from multiple security companies. “Numerous malicious .eu domains have been registered during November which are being used to …

Security vendor Crossbeam bought by private equity firm

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - November 12th, 2012

Crossbeam has been bought by private equity firm Thoma Bravo, opening up the door for the security company to expand its product line both in-house and via acquisitions. Known for its high-end X-Series hardware that …

Gartner: Social engineering, big data top security priorities for 2013

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - November 12th, 2012

The technique of using deception and manipulation to gain sufficient knowledge to dupe an unwary individual, employee or company into revealing personal information has the potential to be one of the biggest security …

On the move, on the money

Ben Rossi by Ben Rossi - October 9th, 2012

Mobility has changed the whole landscape of the enterprise. People now want to be able to work from anywhere, at any time and on any device. Studies have shown that people are subsequently …

Sophos rolls out mobile apps for anti-malware, encryption

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - September 30th, 2012

Sophos today announced a free anti-virus defence app for Google Android devices which works via the Sophos cloud-based service. Separately Sophos also made available Android and Apple iOS apps for securing files held in the …

Twitter users sent malicious links via direct messages

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - September 27th, 2012

Cyber criminals are using compromised Twitter accounts to distribute messages disguised as coming from friends who suggest recipients click on a link to see themselves on a Facebook video. Sophos reported the trick after receiving …

Unpatched Java vulnerability exploited in Blackhole attacks

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - August 29th, 2012

Attacks targeting an unpatched vulnerability in the latest versions of Java 7 have become widespread after an exploit for the new flaw was integrated into the popular Blackhole attack toolkit, according to Kaspersky …

Probox is latest ‘Dropbox for the enterprise’

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - August 9th, 2012

  Storage integrator Proact has launched Probox, a new file-sharing and storage service claiming to be a “Dropbox for the enterprise,” alongside the likes of Google Drive, VMware Octopus, Microsoft SkyDrive, Box and Huddle Sync. The new cloud …

Facebook figures reveal 83 million fakes

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - August 6th, 2012

A staggering 83 million of the 955 million accounts on Facebook, equating to 8.7%, are not legitimate users, according to the social media giants. Of the 110 million members Facebook has attracted since …

A new era

Ben Rossi by Ben Rossi - July 4th, 2012

With the advent of the BYOD phenomenon, the amount of threats businesses face have multiplied on an unprecedented scale. Ben Rossi looks at how these trends have rapidly changed the enterprise security landscape …

Achieving maturity

Ben Rossi by Ben Rossi - June 7th, 2012

As the governance, risk and compliance (GRC) market matures, users are struggling to make the case for GRC implementations. What is the business case for GRC in a modern organisation, and does it …

Cloud-based mobile device management getting hot: Gartner

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - June 7th, 2012

To place management controls on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones used in business, the enterprise has showed preference for acquiring mobile device management (MDM) software where server and management console components are kept on premises. …

Mac Flashback flaw re-used by new malware campaign

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - April 30th, 2012

Malware criminals are on the hunt for Mac victims again, repurposing the Java-based vulnerability used by the Flashback bot to push a new drive-by web attack, security firm Sophos has reported. It’s a malware …

Facebook teams up with security vendors, offers free antivirus software

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - April 29th, 2012

Facebook has teamed up with five security vendors to offer a range of free and subscription-based antivirus packages. Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos, and Symantec are now part of Facebook’s third party security providers, …

Sophos partners with Facebook for user protection

Ben Rossi by Ben Rossi - April 26th, 2012

IT security and data protection company Sophos today announced a partnership with Facebook to help protect users from links that lead to malware or malicious sites. Facebook will use the website reputation service …

Security vendors ‘must do more’ for enterprises: report

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - April 19th, 2012

Enterprises do not have a clear and comparable choice of endpoint protection solutions that completely meet today’s mobile working security requirements, according to analyst firm Ovum. The proliferation of devices, the rise of …

Mac users ‘just as easily duped by cybercriminals’ as Windows users

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - April 4th, 2012

In the face of new threats aimed at OS X, a security expert has warned that Mac users may be even more vulnerable than Windows users. Graham Cluley of Sophos said that because Windows …

Avira latest to offer antivirus software for Macs

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - March 29th, 2012

German security company Avira has released free antivirus software for Apple Macs, joining a host of security software providers offering protection for OS X. Avira said Apple’s market share for computers has increased, …

Sophos launches MDM tool to simplify IT consumerisation

Pallavi Sharma by Pallavi Sharma - December 20th, 2011

IT security and data protection company Sophos today announced Sophos Mobile Control 2.0, the latest version of its award-winning mobile device management solution, which ensures customers have complete protection everywhere and on any …

  • Hands-on: New iPhones pack big features in thin package

    Few announcements summon as much attention as a brand new iPhone, and this year, for the second time in as many years, Apple gave us two models of its smartphone to pore over. I got my mitts on the newest mobile devices in the hands-on area after Tuesday’s event.

  • Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    They say that good things come in small packages—diamond rings, the crown jewels, keys to an exotic villa. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, big is beautiful, writes James Dartnell.

  • Acer takes on the Nexus 7 with 7.9″ Intel tablet

    The new A1-830 tablet ticks all of the right boxes for people interested in a functional tablet sporting the sub 8-inch form factor. The tablet sports a 7.9-in, 1024×768 resolution screen at a 4:3 screen ratio; ideal for web browsing and reading e-books.

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