Huawei unveils SDN-ready solutions

Jeevan Thankappan by Jeevan Thankappan - December 15th, 2015

Huawei has unveiled its Agile Distributed WiFi solution along with its Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection solution. The launch marks the latest solutions under the Agile Network 3.0 concept, announced globally earlier this year and […]

Brocade launches SDN Controller 2.0

Adelle Geronimo by Adelle Geronimo - September 21st, 2015

Brocade has announced the launch of Brocade SDN Controller 2.0, a commercial distribution of the OpenDaylight (ODL) controller based on the Lithium ODL release, and two new software-defined networking (SDN) applications – Brocade Topology Manager and Brocade Flow Manager.

Huawei buys Amartus’ SDN division

Loek Essers by Loek Essers - July 14th, 2015

Huawei has bought the software-defined networking (SDN) division of Irish telecom software maker Amartus.

HP buying SDN company for NFV

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - May 27th, 2015

HP this week signed a definitive agreement to acquire ConteXtream, a provider of OpenDaylight-based SDNs for service providers. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. ConteXtream develops an SDN controller for Network Functions […]

The road to SDN

Annie Bricker by Annie Bricker - April 8th, 2015

The road to a software-defined network can be rocky without rigorous planning. We look at what it takes to make the daunting yet enriching jump.

Avaya extends SDN offerings

Jim Duffy by Jim Duffy - February 26th, 2015

Avaya this week extended its SDN arsenal with an architecture and supporting products designed to simplify enterprise connectivity and application provisioning.

Busting SDN myths

Jeevan Thankappan by Jeevan Thankappan - April 15th, 2014

Software-defined networking (SDN) is the hottest thing going today, but there is considerable confusion surrounding everything from the definition of the term to the different architectures and technologies suppliers are putting forward.

The promise of SDN

Annie Bricker by Annie Bricker - April 8th, 2014

In partnership with CNME, delegates from Brocade hosted a roundtable at Jumeirah Emirates Towers on 24th March, which gathered a select group of IT leaders from around the region to discuss the future of Software Defined Networking and Ethernet Fabric.

Cisco reveals OpenFlow SDN killer

Jim Duffy by Jim Duffy - April 3rd, 2014

Cisco is this week unveiling an alternative to OpenFlow for software-defined networking and proposing it as a standard, while adding it as a vital component of the company’s new programmable architecture.

SDN – moving beyond the hype and realising its value

Taj El Khayat, Managing Director, Middle East, Turkey, North, West and Central Africa at Riverbed Technology by Taj El Khayat, Managing Director, Middle East, Turkey, North, West and Central Africa at Riverbed Technology - March 18th, 2014

To overcome the rigidity of the traditional data centre network, software-defined networking has emerged as a popular solution, says Taj El Khayat, Managing Director, Middle East, Turkey, North, West and Central Africa, Riverbed Technology

The differences between SDN, network virtualisation and Network Functions Virtualisation

Steve Garrison, VP, Marketing, Pica8 by Steve Garrison, VP, Marketing, Pica8 - February 12th, 2014

Steve Garrison, VP, Marketing, Pica8 examines how NV, NFV and SDN differ and how each moves us down the path toward programmable networks.

Oracle makes cloud advancement by acquiring SDN firm Corente

Chris Kanaracus by Chris Kanaracus - January 8th, 2014

Oracle is buying Corente, maker of SDN technology for WANs (wide area networks), in a strike against competitors Cisco and IBM. Terms of the deal, which is expected to close early this year, weren’t disclosed on Tuesday.

Cisco: SDN, internet of things main 2014 concerns

Jim Duffy by Jim Duffy - December 8th, 2013

Next year will see demonstrable evidence of the Internet of Things, real-time communications on the Web, and SDN-enabled platforms with killer applications for them, says Cisco.

Application services meet up with SDN in the cloud

Stephen Lawson by Stephen Lawson - November 6th, 2013

Enterprises and service providers are looking beyond collections of boxes and toward virtual data centers that are better at growing and changing, and now application services such as security and acceleration are about to fit into that picture as well.

Huawei unveils SDN-ready switch

CNME Staff by CNME Staff - November 4th, 2013

The Agile Switch S12700 uses a fully-programmable switching architecture, and automatic network deployment and management applications.

Chambers: Cisco waited too long to address SDNs

Jim Duffy by Jim Duffy - June 30th, 2013

Cisco waited too long to address the software-defined networking trend now sweeping the industry, Chairman and CEO John Chambers said last week at the Cisco Live conference.

Netgear to target mid-market with future SDN capability

Jon Gold by Jon Gold - May 12th, 2013

While much of the hype for software-defined networking is focused on large-scale data centre deployments, some companies are taking a different angle. According to Laurent Masia, a product line manager for Netgear, the […]

Juniper closer to Cisco in shipping SDN brains

Jim Duffy by Jim Duffy - May 6th, 2013

Juniper Networks this week will extend its SDN offerings with the release of its controller, roughly six months ahead of schedule. The controller technology obtained from the acquisition of Contrail Systems is now called JunosV Contrail. It […]

Juniper addresses SDN, BYOD needs

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - April 7th, 2013

Juniper Networks has launched a new range of more widely programmable switches and management tools that aim to address provider and enterprise needs for software-defined networking (SDN) and bring your own device (BYOD) […]

Dell in SDN standardisation push

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - March 17th, 2013

Even though standards bodies like the Open Networking Forum (ONF) are leading the effort to standardise software-defined networking, Dell has proposed an SDN working committee within the Object Management Group. OMG is an […]

HP uses SDN to scale up TippingPoint

Tom Paye by Tom Paye - February 4th, 2013

HP announced last week that it plans to use its recently unveiled SDN controller to distribute its TippingPoint intrusion prevention system across networks. This will help to overcome the scale limitations of dedicated […]

Juniper buys SDN startup for $176M

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - December 13th, 2012

Juniper Networks this week acquired Contrail Systems, a startup that makes controllers for software-defined networks, for $176 million in cash and stock. Contrail was founded early this year by officials from Google, Cisco, Juniper […]

Nicira CTO shares sneak peek of company’s SDN plans

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - December 12th, 2012

Nicira, the software-defined networking (SDN) startup that VMware purchased for $1.2 billion earlier this year, plans to release an SDN product that runs independent of the underlying hypervisor and hardware that will work in VMware environments and […]

Alcatel-Lucent enters crowding SDN field

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - November 28th, 2012

Alcatel-Lucent’s enterprise division this week jumped into the SDN market with a strategy to fortify products to enhance network programmability and virtualisation. The company is augmenting its Application Fluent Network strategy with a software-defined networking plan […]

HP takes aim at Cisco, Juniper with SDN market invasion

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - October 3rd, 2012

HP this week will unveil a software-defined networking portfolio that spans infrastructure, control plane operations and applications in an effort to lead the emerging SDN market. HP will roll out its own SDN controller, a separate control […]

A blueprint for transformation

Jeevan Thankappan by Jeevan Thankappan - April 14th, 2016

On the sidelines of recently held Avaya Technology Forum, Jean Turgeon, Vice President & Chief Technologist, Software Defined Architecture(SDA/SDN), Worldwide Sales, Avaya, spoke to us about the evolution of digital enterprise and networking trends.

Playing with fire

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - March 30th, 2016

A10 Networks is flaunting its recently-launched Thunder Convergent Firewall, an “all-inclusive” security platform that consolidates data centre firewall (DCFW), Gi/SGi firewall, secure Web gateway and IPsec site-to-site VPN into one solution.

A10 Networks to demonstrate solutions at GISEC

Adelle Geronimo by Adelle Geronimo - March 20th, 2016

A10 Networks has announced its participation at Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference (GISEC) 2016 taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre 29th – 31st March.

The new network

Annie Bricker by Annie Bricker - March 17th, 2016

As Wide Area Network demands increase, the IT department searches for a new solution in software-defined WAN.

Cisco releases Global Cloud Index

Adelle Geronimo by Adelle Geronimo - March 17th, 2016

The fifth annual Cisco Global Cloud Index (2014-2019), released recently, forecasts that Middle East and Africa cloud traffic will more than quadruple by the end of 2019.

Lenovo, Juniper Networks sign global partnership

Adelle Geronimo by Adelle Geronimo - March 14th, 2016

Lenovo and Juniper Networks has announced the commencement of a global strategic partnership to leverage synergies in their respective product and technology portfolios to build the next generation data centre infrastructure solutions for enterprise and web-scale customers.

VMware CEO discusses NSX network virtualisation product

Brandon Butler by Brandon Butler - March 6th, 2016

During the RSA Conference held last week, VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger announced that they are currently positioning the company’s NSX network virtualisation product as a tool for encrypting data in flight and at rest, in the public cloud or on premises.

Avaya to host fifth annual Avaya Technology Forum

Adelle Geronimo by Adelle Geronimo - February 21st, 2016

Avaya will showcase its cloud-based solutions designed to help public and private-sector organisations achieve their digital transformation objectives at the fifth annual Avaya Technology Forum 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The three-day […]

The wireless frontier

Annie Bricker by Annie Bricker - January 18th, 2016

In the world of mobile broadband, LTE Advanced-Pro is on the tip of everyone’s tongues. Expected to be available this year, the world is waiting eagerly for the next step in the path to 5G. Can 4.5G deliver what most are expecting?

On the right rack

Adelle Geronimo by Adelle Geronimo - December 18th, 2015

The transition from hardware to software and on-premise to as-a-service models puts unprecedented pressure on the network. What lies in store for the networking industry in 2016? Which technologies will see higher uptake, and which will be phased out?

View from the tower

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - December 18th, 2015

The state of the region’s telecoms is to an extent polarised. While markets such as the UAE have the world’s highest smartphone penetration rate, other providers are in the midst of catching up with the demand for digital services, and providing greater bandwidth for rural areas. Here’s what the Middle East can expect in 2016.

Ericsson leads Gartner’s OSS and IRCM magic quadrants

Adelle Geronimo by Adelle Geronimo - November 23rd, 2015

Gartner has positioned Ericsson as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrants for Operations Support Systems and Integrated Revenue and Customer Management (IRCM) for CSPs for the fourth and second consecutive years, respectively.

Centred security

Annie Bricker by Annie Bricker - November 16th, 2015

From SDN to cloud, the transition to any modern technology requires careful management. This all starts in the data centre, where carefully chosen solutions can give the enterprise the best chance of success in terms of security.

The keys to a Smart City

Daniele Loffreda, State/Local Government, Education and Healthcare Industry Adviser, Ciena by Daniele Loffreda, State/Local Government, Education and Healthcare Industry Adviser, Ciena - November 16th, 2015

In major metropolitan areas and smaller cities alike, governments are adopting software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualisation (NFV) to deliver the agility and flexibility needed to support adoption of ‘smart’ technologies that enhance the liveability, workability and sustainability of their locale.

A10 Networks introduces new Thunder Convergent Firewall

Adelle Geronimo by Adelle Geronimo - November 16th, 2015

A10 Networks announced the A10 Thunder Convergent Firewall (CFW), a standalone security product that leverages the ACOS Harmony platform.

Brocade joins Intel Security Innovation Alliance

Adelle Geronimo by Adelle Geronimo - November 12th, 2015

Under the programme, Brocade intends to integrate Intel Security products and technologies with Brocade solutions, enabling enterprises to deploy more secure New IP networking solutions that leverage Intel’s industry-leading security technologies.

Do more with less – data centre consolidation

CNME Staff by CNME Staff - November 1st, 2015

ADVERTISEMENT Modern IT environments need to be agile, scalable and future-proof. At the helm of the latest wave of IT modernisation is the data centre. To greet the future and remain powerful, consolidation […]

Huawei showcases end-to-end solutions

Adelle Geronimo by Adelle Geronimo - October 21st, 2015

Huawei previews its integrated portfolio of end-to-end and focused vertical industry solutions can be used to create a competitive business advantage in the fields of public safety, oil and gas, transportation, government, hospitality, education and healthcare and banking.

Avaya firm on foundations

Adelle Geronimo by Adelle Geronimo - October 19th, 2015

Avaya is keen to emphasise its use of smart solutions and “laying the foundations” for Smart Cities through its exhibition at GITEX Technology Week.

Huawei highlights connected world

Adelle Geronimo by Adelle Geronimo - October 18th, 2015

Huawei has announced a full programme of activities at this year’s GITEX Technology week, showcasing how its end-to-end product and services portfolio can help create a better-connected world for citizens.

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