IBM to pump $3 billion into new IoT business unit

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - March 31st, 2015

Hungry for a bigger piece of the Internet of things market, IBM will invest US$3 billion over four years to establish a new business unit dedicated to providing IoT systems and services to […]

IBM rolls out 3 new enterprise iOS apps

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - March 3rd, 2015

IBM has unveiled a fresh crop of enterprise apps resulting from the partnership it forged with Apple last year.

IBM due $4 billion disruptive tech drive

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - March 1st, 2015

IBM will dedicate $4 billion in spending this year to the cloud, analytics and mobile technologies, as it struggles with seismic shifts that are changing the computing landscape it once dominated.

IBM outlines Twitter plans

Joab Jackson by Joab Jackson - February 26th, 2015

Capturing public conversations around the world in real time, Twitter could be a valuable source of intelligence for the business world. IBM is now creating new ways to derive potentially valuable information from this massive, sprawling data set.

IBM cloud chief keen on speed

Katherine Noyes by Katherine Noyes - February 19th, 2015

IBM’s new man in charge of the cloud business is moving fast. “What I’m focusing on is speed,” said Robert LeBlanc, the new senior vice president for IBM Cloud. “Because the market continues to change, we have to get things to market quickly and then iterate.”

IBM System/360

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - February 19th, 2015

Launched in 1964, IBM’s System/360 Mainframe computer transformed the company’s fortunes and hailed a new era of processing power.

IBM releases new software storage layer

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - February 17th, 2015

IBM today unveiled IBM Spectrum Stibm software storageorage, a new storage software portfolio designed to address data storage inefficiencies by introducing a layer of software to traditional hardware.

IBM releases new software storage layer

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - February 17th, 2015

IBM today unveiled IBM Spectrum Storage, a new storage software portfolio designed to address data storage inefficiencies by introducing a layer of software to traditional hardware.

IBM planning ‘110,000’ job cuts

John E Dunn by John E Dunn - January 28th, 2015

IBM is apparently planning the most devastating jobs cuts in business history, with a reported 110,000 employees from a global workforce of 435,000 facing redundancy, US Forbes has reported.

IBM reports grim Q4 earnings

James Niccolai by James Niccolai - January 21st, 2015

IBM will favour buyouts that strengthen its cloud services, the company’s CFO has said, as it looks for ways to expand its business after 11 straight quarters of declining revenue.

IBM unleashes new Mainframe

James Niccolai by James Niccolai - January 14th, 2015

IBM took the wraps off a new mainframe computer on Tuesday, promising it will help customers to detect more fraud in real time and plow through billions of transactions generated each day by smartphones and tablets.

IBM attributes patent dominance to diversity

Joab Jackson by Joab Jackson - January 13th, 2015

For the 22nd year in a row, IBM has produced more U.S. patents than any other company, a success that it attributes, at least in part, to the global diversity of its researchers.

IBM announces 11 new cloud centres

Sharon Gaudin by Sharon Gaudin - December 18th, 2014

IBM is building out its global computing network in a bid to focus on the enterprise cloud market, announcing that it is adding cloud centres in 11 new locations.

Apple, IBM release first mobile apps

Fred O'Connor by Fred O'Connor - December 11th, 2014

IBM and Apple have unveiled the first results of their enterprise IT partnership: 10 mobile applications aimed at businesses in six industries as well as government users.

IBM releases social collaboration tool Verse

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - November 24th, 2014

IBM has announced its new ‘freemium’ social collaboration Verse that uses built-in analytics to retrieve information from a range of services.

Twitter, IBM form analytic apps partnership

Chris Kanaracus by Chris Kanaracus - October 30th, 2014

IBM and Twitter have announced a partnership that will merge Twitter’s massive flows of social media data with Big Blue’s analytics software, including Watson.

Cook: First Apple-IBM products to launch in November

Agam Shah by Agam Shah - October 21st, 2014

The first products from Apple’s mobile enterprise partnership with IBM will roll out next month, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who said the partnership “could change the way people work.”

IBM’s Rometty defends rocky financial results

Joab Jackson by Joab Jackson - October 21st, 2014

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty is moving quickly to quell concerns about the company’s sinking earnings and decision to pay more than a billion dollars to cast off its money-losing microelectronics business to GlobalFoundries.

IBM offloads semiconductor unit to GlobalFoundries

Mikael Ricknäs by Mikael Ricknäs - October 21st, 2014

IBM will sell the semiconductor technologies unit that makes its Power processors to Abu Dhabi-owned GlobalFoundries, paying the chip manufacturer about US$1.3 billion to take two factories off its hands in a move to erase losses.

IBM to sell Elastic Storage in power-based box

Stephen Lawson by Stephen Lawson - October 6th, 2014

IBM will extend its Elastic Storage technology with two new products as the company moves to offer software-defined storage in several forms.

Lenovo, IBM reveal x86 server strategy

Agam Shah by Agam Shah - September 10th, 2014

With Lenovo expected to close its IBM x86 server business acquisition by year end, a glimpse at the combined server product line has emerged.

IBM announces Watson Big Data enhancements

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - August 31st, 2014

IBM has announced advances in Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities that could enable researchers to accelerate the pace of scientific breakthroughs by discovering previously unknown connections in Big Data.

Apple, IBM spell out enterprise support

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - August 19th, 2014

Apple will provide an expanded set of support services to IBM customers with iPhones and iPads under a new enterprise-grade AppleCare plan, the support and warranty extensions Apple has long sold to consumers and businesses.

Apple and IBM pair for iOS apps

Martyn Williams by Martyn Williams - July 16th, 2014

Apple is making a push for the corporate IT market through a partnership with IBM, which will develop iOS apps for its Big Data and analytics services and promote iPhones and iPads to clients.

IBM lines up $3 billion cognitive chip investment

Agam Shah by Agam Shah - July 10th, 2014

IBM will pour $3 billion into computing and chip materials research over the next five years, as it rethinks computer design and looks to a future that may not involve silicon chips.

IBM to unveil software-defined storage product line

Stephen Lawson by Stephen Lawson - May 12th, 2014

On Monday, IBM will take the wraps off a portfolio of products for software-defined storage, an area where established vendors and startups alike are already claiming the future has arrived.

Google shows homegrown server with IBM Power chip

James Niccolai by James Niccolai - April 30th, 2014

IBM’s efforts to expand the use of its Power chips in hyperscale data centres just got a big shot in the arm from Google.

IBM develops online cloud marketplace

Joab Jackson by Joab Jackson - April 29th, 2014

IBM has assembled a vast array of hosted cloud services, and is displaying them on its Cloud online marketplace from Monday.

IBM making push for Power server chips

James Niccolai by James Niccolai - April 24th, 2014

An IBM project to widen the use of its Power server chips inched forward Wednesday with Big Blue trying to challenge Intel for a bigger role in the hyperscale data centres run by the likes of Google and Facebook.

IBM profit falls on weak hardware sales and transition costs

Joab Jackson by Joab Jackson - April 17th, 2014

Falling hardware sales and the cost of layoffs hit IBM’s profit hard in the first quarter, sending it down 21 percent from a year earlier.

IBM celebrates mainframe birthday

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - April 9th, 2014

IBM yesterday hosted its Mainframe50 event, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the System/360 mainframe.

Why the IBM System/360 launch was the dawn of enterprise IT

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - April 7th, 2014

Fifty years ago on April 7, IBM announced the computer that the task force had designed, the System/360.

IBM System/360: The dawn of enterprise IT

Joab Jackson by Joab Jackson - April 7th, 2014

Fifty years ago, IBM announced the mainframe computer that its task force had designed – the System/360.

IBM: CFOs lack faith in Big Data strategies

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - March 9th, 2014

According to a new IBM study, 82 percent of CFOs see the value of integrating enterprise-wide data, but only 24 percent think their team is up to the task.

AT&T and IBM cement security partnership

Ellen Messmer by Ellen Messmer - February 26th, 2014

AT&T and IBM have announced they’ve sealed a partnership to provide security services for a range of enterprises with plans to unite AT&T Secure Gateway Solutions with IBM’s threat-monitoring services.

Samsung joins IBM, Google in OpenPower alliance

Agam Shah by Agam Shah - February 13th, 2014

Samsung has joined the fledgling OpenPower Consortium, an alliance led by IBM to push Power-based chip designs into hardware products such as servers.

IBM to consolidate communication and collaboration wares into Connections suite

Juan Carlos Perez by Juan Carlos Perez - February 2nd, 2014

IBM will house its email, communication and collaboration products in its Connections suite, whose scope until now has been limited to enterprise social networking software.

Lenovo restructuring to focus on enterprise products, software after IBM deal

Michael Kan by Michael Kan - January 29th, 2014

Lenovo is once again restructuring its operations, this time to create two new business groups devoted to its enterprise products and to developing a software ecosystem.

Lenovo agrees to buy IBM’s server business for $2.3 billion

Michael Kan by Michael Kan - January 26th, 2014

Lenovo Group has agreed to buy IBM’s x86 server hardware business and related maintenance services for US$2.3 billion, it announced Thursday.

IBM’s low-end server business back on sale; Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo circling

James Niccolai by James Niccolai - January 23rd, 2014

IBM has revived efforts to sell its low-end server business and Dell, Fujitsu and Lenovo are all lining up to take a look, according to reports this week.

Hardware hampers IBM’s Q4 revenue

Joab Jackson by Joab Jackson - January 22nd, 2014

Still hampered by slow hardware sales, IBM reported a 5.5 percent decline in revenue for the fourth quarter, even as it managed to post a 6 percent gain in net income.

IBM invests $1.2 billion in global data centre network

Sam Shead by Sam Shead - January 19th, 2014

IBM today announced plans to commit $1.2 billion (£730 million) to expand its global cloud footprint through a number of new data centres set to open this year.

IBM lays plans to be a cloud storage broker

Joab Jackson by Joab Jackson - December 8th, 2013

IBM is developing software that will allow organisations to use multiple cloud storage services interchangeably, reducing dependence on any single cloud vendor and ensuring that data remains available even during service outages.

HP regains server top-spot from IBM in final quarter

James Niccolai by James Niccolai - December 5th, 2013

Hewlett-Packard took back its server crown from IBM last quarter as the overall market contracted, IDC reported Wednesday.

IBM: small provider price war saturating cloud market

Patrick Budmar by Patrick Budmar - December 4th, 2013

There were some unexpected new entrants into the Cloud space this year, according to IBM Global Technology Services Cloud computing executive, Dean Evans.

  • WD My Cloud EX4

    Following on from its predecessor My Cloud, WD’s EX4 follow up provides a robust cloud-based storage option for the connected consumer.

  • Seagate NAS Pro 4-Bay

    With space for four hard disks, the 16TB NAS Pro 4-Bay storage unit is ideal for small businesses. However, Seagate has added a couple of neat features that make the device accessible to the average file hoarder.

  • Firm backbone: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2

    We took Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet 2 for a spin, and decided whether the upgraded specs justify the $250 price tag.

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