IBM profit falls on weak hardware sales and transition costs

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - April 17th, 2014

Falling hardware sales and the cost of layoffs hit IBM’s profit hard in the first quarter, sending it down 21 percent from a year earlier.

IBM celebrates mainframe birthday

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - April 9th, 2014

IBM yesterday hosted its Mainframe50 event, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the System/360 mainframe.

Why the IBM System/360 launch was the dawn of enterprise IT

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - April 7th, 2014

Fifty years ago on April 7, IBM announced the computer that the task force had designed, the System/360.

IBM System/360: The dawn of enterprise IT

Joab Jackson by Joab Jackson - April 7th, 2014

Fifty years ago, IBM announced the mainframe computer that its task force had designed – the System/360.

Cisco reveals OpenFlow SDN killer

Jim Duffy by Jim Duffy - April 3rd, 2014

Cisco is this week unveiling an alternative to OpenFlow for software-defined networking and proposing it as a standard, while adding it as a vital component of the company’s new programmable architecture.

Aruba unveils Mobility-Defined Networks

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - March 20th, 2014

Aruba Networks has unveiled its Mobility-Defined Networks, a new architecture that aims to enable IT departments in the Middle East to build an ‘all-wireless workplace’ designed to enhance #GenMobile productivity and job satisfaction.

Aruba announces five software tools for optimising Wi-Fi networks

Matt Hamblen by Matt Hamblen - March 13th, 2014

Aruba Networks has announced a package of software upgrades designed to better accommodate all-wireless workplaces, including sites where employees use three different mobile devices with multiple applications.

Quest for growth

CNME Staff by CNME Staff - March 12th, 2014

Jumbo Electronics is tapping new technologies as it forges the path to business innovation

$19 billion well spent

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - March 11th, 2014

James Dartnell takes a look at what Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp means for the two companies.

It’s all about mobile

Jeevan Thankappan by Jeevan Thankappan - March 10th, 2014

Around 75,000 people descended on the Catalonian city for the 2014 Mobile World Congress, which showcased faster and more flexible mobile networks and shiny new smartphones, among other connected things.

IBM: CFOs lack faith in Big Data strategies

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - March 9th, 2014

According to a new IBM study, 82 percent of CFOs see the value of integrating enterprise-wide data, but only 24 percent think their team is up to the task.

AT&T and IBM cement security partnership

Ellen Messmer by Ellen Messmer - February 26th, 2014

AT&T and IBM have announced they’ve sealed a partnership to provide security services for a range of enterprises with plans to unite AT&T Secure Gateway Solutions with IBM’s threat-monitoring services.

Wall Street Beat: Tech M&A set for strong year after Facebook’s WhatsApp acquisition

Marc Ferranti by Marc Ferranti - February 23rd, 2014

Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp could be one milestone in a strong year for tech mergers and acquisitions.

Microsoft Azure continues enterprise push with private on-ramps

Joab Jackson by Joab Jackson - February 23rd, 2014

Microsoft continues to target the enterprise with the introduction of a private on-ramp for Windows Azure cloud services.

IDC launches Technology Advisory Council before CIO summit

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - February 17th, 2014

IDC today launched its Technology Advisory Council for the Gulf region during a press conference held at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel.

Intel moves deeper into software with server KVM tool

James Niccolai by James Niccolai - February 16th, 2014

Intel has released a new tool for remotely managing servers from multiple hardware vendors, though wary of upsetting partners as it looks to make more money from software.

Acquisitions likely to hit Lenovo’s profits in short term

Michael Kan by Michael Kan - February 13th, 2014

With the proposed acquisitions of Motorola Mobility and IBM’s low-end server unit, Lenovo expects its short-term profits to fall

Samsung joins IBM, Google in OpenPower alliance

Agam Shah by Agam Shah - February 13th, 2014

Samsung has joined the fledgling OpenPower Consortium, an alliance led by IBM to push Power-based chip designs into hardware products such as servers.

Lenovo expands ThinkPad range in UAE

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - February 9th, 2014

Lenovo today announced the UAE launches of the latest additions to its ThinkPad portfolio with the third generation ThinkPad X1 Carbon and the ThinkPad 8.

Visualising business in the Cloud

Mohamed Sayed, SGI Cloud Computing Leader MEA, IBM by Mohamed Sayed, SGI Cloud Computing Leader MEA, IBM - February 9th, 2014

Mohamed Sayed, SGI Cloud Computing Leader – MEA at IBM gives Computer News Middle East his insider tips for ways that the cloud is most likely to impact businesses in 2014.

7 things marketing wants to say to IT

Mary K. Pratt by Mary K. Pratt - February 6th, 2014

We caught up with several CMOs and marketing executives to find out what they’d ask of IT if they could speak frankly. Here are their seven key requirements.

Satya Nadella to succeed Ballmer as Microsoft CEO

Juan Carlos Perez by Juan Carlos Perez - February 5th, 2014

Microsoft has finally concluded its protracted search and chosen its new CEO: Satya Nadella, who as executive vice president of the company’s Cloud and Enterprise group has successfully steered the shift of the company’s back-end server software and tools to the cloud.

Riverbed releases new branch converged infrastructure solution

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - February 2nd, 2014

Riverbed has unveiled Riverbed Granite 2.6, with new features that support bigger data sets and additional enterprise-class storage solutions, including IBM Storwize V7000.

IBM to consolidate communication and collaboration wares into Connections suite

Juan Carlos Perez by Juan Carlos Perez - February 2nd, 2014

IBM will house its email, communication and collaboration products in its Connections suite, whose scope until now has been limited to enterprise social networking software.

AMD debuts first ARM processor

Joab Jackson by Joab Jackson - January 30th, 2014

ARM’s emerging challenge to the x86 architecture in the server space just gathered momentum as AMD announced it will start shipping sample 64-bit ARM processors, along with associated development kits, to partners in the upcoming months.

Lenovo to acquire Motorola Mobility from Google for $2.91 billion

Brian Karlovsky by Brian Karlovsky - January 30th, 2014

Lenovo is set to buy Motorola Mobility from Google for $2.91 billion in a deal that excludes the vast majority of Motorola’s patent portfolio.

Lenovo restructuring to focus on enterprise products, software after IBM deal

Michael Kan by Michael Kan - January 29th, 2014

Lenovo is once again restructuring its operations, this time to create two new business groups devoted to its enterprise products and to developing a software ecosystem.

Lenovo agrees to buy IBM’s server business for $2.3 billion

Michael Kan by Michael Kan - January 26th, 2014

Lenovo Group has agreed to buy IBM’s x86 server hardware business and related maintenance services for US$2.3 billion, it announced Thursday.

IBM’s low-end server business back on sale; Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo circling

James Niccolai by James Niccolai - January 23rd, 2014

IBM has revived efforts to sell its low-end server business and Dell, Fujitsu and Lenovo are all lining up to take a look, according to reports this week.

Gulf Business Machines signs IT infrastructure partnership with Abu Dhabi Police

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - January 22nd, 2014

Gulf Business Machines and Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters have signed a Memorandum of Understanding, reaffirming their commitment to a longstanding strategic relationship.

Hardware hampers IBM’s Q4 revenue

Joab Jackson by Joab Jackson - January 22nd, 2014

Still hampered by slow hardware sales, IBM reported a 5.5 percent decline in revenue for the fourth quarter, even as it managed to post a 6 percent gain in net income.

IBM invests $1.2 billion in global data centre network

Sam Shead by Sam Shead - January 19th, 2014

IBM today announced plans to commit $1.2 billion (£730 million) to expand its global cloud footprint through a number of new data centres set to open this year.

Facebook is ‘worth’ £1.2 billion more than Malaysia

Sam Shead by Sam Shead - January 13th, 2014

Facebook is worth £1.21 billion more than Malaysia and IBM is valued at £1.81 billion more than Mexico, according to research released today by Bank of America Merill Lynch.

Cloud’s worst-case scenario: what to do if your provider goes bust

Brandon Butler by Brandon Butler - January 9th, 2014

Last September customers of storage provider Nirvanix got what could be worst-case scenario news for a cloud user: The company was going out of business and they had to get data out, fast.

What’s Next for India’s Outsourcing Industry? Q&A with outgoing NASSCOM president

Stephanie Overby by Stephanie Overby - January 9th, 2014

In the 25 years since India’s most well-known IT services trade group National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) was formed, the country’s global outsourcing industry has experienced tremendous growth, but also its share of ups and downs.

Oracle makes cloud advancement by acquiring SDN firm Corente

Chris Kanaracus by Chris Kanaracus - January 8th, 2014

Oracle is buying Corente, maker of SDN technology for WANs (wide area networks), in a strike against competitors Cisco and IBM. Terms of the deal, which is expected to close early this year, weren’t disclosed on Tuesday.

IDC: MEA external storage market dropped 8.8% in Q3

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - January 6th, 2014

The Middle East and Africa external storage market declined 8.8% year-on-year during the third quarter of 2013, according to the latest figures from IDC.

Key Asian cloud suppliers to pit against each other

Anuradha Shukla by Anuradha Shukla - December 11th, 2013

IDC predicts key Asian cloud suppliers will pit against each other resulting in a new leadership structure within the IT industry.

Is data complexity blinding your IT decision-making?

Thor Olavsrud by Thor Olavsrud - December 11th, 2013

According to a new study by Forrester Research, commissioned by Data-as-a-Service firm BDNA, 73 percent of high-level IT decision makers cite the complexity of data as the largest challenge in making effective IT decisions in the next 12 months.

IBM lays plans to be a cloud storage broker

Joab Jackson by Joab Jackson - December 8th, 2013

IBM is developing software that will allow organisations to use multiple cloud storage services interchangeably, reducing dependence on any single cloud vendor and ensuring that data remains available even during service outages.

Wall Street Beat: Tech stocks hit 13-year high as PC sales plummet

Marc Ferranti by Marc Ferranti - December 8th, 2013

The Nasdaq computer index Friday hit its highest point since November 2000, in the wake of the dot-com bust, despite mixed reports this week from the hardware and components sector.

HP regains server top-spot from IBM in final quarter

James Niccolai by James Niccolai - December 5th, 2013

Hewlett-Packard took back its server crown from IBM last quarter as the overall market contracted, IDC reported Wednesday.

Lenovo looking at acquisitions to expand enterprise unit

Agam Shah by Agam Shah - December 5th, 2013

Once heavily reliant on the Chinese market, Lenovo is now looking to make acquisitions as it tries to expand its growing enterprise business to other countries.

IBM: small provider price war saturating cloud market

Patrick Budmar by Patrick Budmar - December 4th, 2013

There were some unexpected new entrants into the Cloud space this year, according to IBM Global Technology Services Cloud computing executive, Dean Evans.

Gemalto, IBM announce eBanking partnership

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - November 27th, 2013

Gemalto have announced a global business partnership with IBM for its latest Ezio eBanking security platform.

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