Building the future

Annie Bricker by Annie Bricker - July 23rd, 2014

An event that spanned the region, with workshops in Dubai, Doha and Riyadh, CNME’s Data Centre Build allowed its partners and expert speakers to shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities for virtualisation in the Middle East.

In the bank

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - July 1st, 2014

With a range of forecasts from research firms Gartner and IDC stating that MENA IT spending will increase in 2014, will CIOs find their budgets swelling, and if so, which areas are most in need of the spend? Who stands to benefit and what can the Middle East do to catch up with more developed regions?

The promise of SDN

Annie Bricker by Annie Bricker - April 8th, 2014

In partnership with CNME, delegates from Brocade hosted a roundtable at Jumeirah Emirates Towers on 24th March, which gathered a select group of IT leaders from around the region to discuss the future of Software Defined Networking and Ethernet Fabric.

Brocade names Yarob Sakhnini as MEMA Regional Director

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - February 12th, 2014

Brocade has announced the appointment of Yarob Sakhnini as Regional Director for the Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa region.

Brocade exits network adaptor business

Jim Duffy by Jim Duffy - January 22nd, 2014

Brocade has said it has sold its network adapter business to QLogic to better focus on data centre fabrics and software defined networking.

Ethernet fabrics – a network evolution paving the way for Middle East data centres

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - January 21st, 2014

To a large number of organisations, Ethernet fabrics remain a poorly understood concept rather than a platform for innovation, says Samer Ismair, MEMA Network Consultant, Brocade Communications

ME IT chiefs must build quality, future-proof networks that can support the ‘Internet of Things’

Samer Ismair, MEMA Network Consultant, Brocade by Samer Ismair, MEMA Network Consultant, Brocade - January 9th, 2014

With the Internet of Things now an imminent reality, Middle East network providers have their work cut out for them, says Samer Ismair, MEMA Network Consultant, Brocade

Brocade predicts 5 top Middle East IT trends for 2014

Marcus Jewell, Vice President, EMEA, Brocade by Marcus Jewell, Vice President, EMEA, Brocade - December 15th, 2013

Marcus Jewell, vice president, EMEA at Brocade looks into his crystal ball to outline the top technology trends that Middle East enterprises should watch out for in 2014:

Brocade: data centre availability is customers’ top concern

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - December 8th, 2013

Brocade has released survey results which show that their customer’s primary network-specific concern is ‘data centre availability’ driven by virtualisation and mobility, as opposed to ‘network-complexity’.

Time to face the facts

Sufian Dweik by Sufian Dweik - December 4th, 2013

Network downtime translates to big financial losses for Middle East businesses, says Sufian Dweik, Regional Manager, MEMA, Brocade

Brocade launches high-density 10/40 GbE Network Switch

James Dartnell by James Dartnell - November 25th, 2013

Campus networking solutions vendor Brocade has unveiled its ICX 7750 fixed-port, high density 10/40 GbE switch.

Brocade shifts focus from exhibition to customers

Tom Paye by Tom Paye - October 23rd, 2013

Brocade is using GITEX to meet key customers and clients this year, as opposed to simply proclaiming its presence at the show, the company’s EMEA Vice President, Marcus Jewell, said today.

Region’s tech leaders celebrated at ICT Achievement Awards

CNME Staff by CNME Staff - October 21st, 2013

The Middle East’s technology leaders were celebrated last night at a glittering ceremony, the CNME ICT Achievement Awards, held at the Emirates Towers Godolphin Ballroom.

Building the data centre of the future

Sufian Dweik by Sufian Dweik - July 16th, 2013

Sufian Dweik, Regional Director, MEMA, Brocade Communications, offers a flexible, on-demand strategy for Middle East enterprises.

Cloud and data centre virtualisation uptake hampered by ageing legacy systems, Brocade finds

Tom Paye by Tom Paye - July 9th, 2013

The biggest barrier to adopting these new technologies, Brocade said in a statement, seemed to be having to sustain – at great cost – ageing legacy systems.

The big issue

Ben Rossi by Ben Rossi - May 14th, 2013

As CNME prepares to host the Middle East’s first event entirely focused on big data, it delves head first into the topic that is engulfing CIOs and network managers across the region. Big …

Brocade unleashes a data centre barrage

Jim Duffy by Jim Duffy - May 1st, 2013

Brocade this week extended its data centre networking portfolio with hardware and software enhancements designed to better integrate and align physical and virtual resources. For virtual networking, Brocade rolled out the vRouter virtual router, obtained …

Brocade releases new platform to simplify campus network design

Ben Rossi by Ben Rossi - April 9th, 2013

Brocade today announced the availability of the Brocade HyperEdge Architecture, which automates and simplifies campus network design. The new platform is designed to help organisations create holistic wired and wireless networks to support …

Soft launch

Tom Paye by Tom Paye - April 3rd, 2013

The idea of software-defined networking (SDN) has taken off, though it has hardly seen a launch of epic proportions. We investigate the benefits behind the new networking trend, and examine why the Middle …

Brocade launches Fabric Vision SAN solution technology

Joe Lipscombe by Joe Lipscombe - March 25th, 2013

Brocade today announced its new Fabric Vision technology, a hardware and software SAN solution. The company claims that the product maximises uptime, dramatically simplifies SAN deployment and management, and provides unprecedented levels of …

Avoiding the partnership from hell

Ben Rossi by Ben Rossi - February 27th, 2013

Forty for you, sixty for me and equal partners we shall be. A witty quote to be taken with caution from Gerald Barzan. Partnerships formed for integrations are a necessary procedure in order …

Preventing a BYO Disaster

Ben Rossi by Ben Rossi - February 19th, 2013

The use of smartphones has become almost ubiquitous, with tablets not far behind. It is estimated there are two billion smartphones already in use, and that number is set to skyrocket in the …

Enterprise networking and smart investments

Contributor by Contributor - February 12th, 2013

Sufian Dweik, Regional Manager, MEMA, Brocade, details four opportunity areas that networking managers should focus on.  Many enterprises in the Middle East are facing a huge challenge in managing their networks due to …

The EMC VSPEX Series – Part 2, The Value of EMC VSPEX

CNME Staff by CNME Staff - January 27th, 2013

Hello Readers, This has been one heck of a start to the year for me – with some serious business travels from Lebanon to Saudi to South Africa and then back up to …

The benefits of fabric networks

Contributor by Contributor - January 21st, 2013

Sufian Dweik, Regional Manager, MEMA, Brocade Communications, explains how fabric networks can provide a comprehensive solution to five critical enterprise storage requirements.  Storage is indispensable. Without it, data centres don’t exist, business doesn’t …

Brocade appoints new CEO

Tom Paye by Tom Paye - January 15th, 2013

Brocade’s board of directors on Tuesday announced that it had appointed networking industry veteran Lloyd Carney to be the company’s new CEO, effective immediately. He will also join Brocade’s board of directors, the …

A new world

Ben Rossi by Ben Rossi - January 14th, 2013

The rise of virtualisation and cloud has revolutionised the data centre. With many touting 2013 as the year of cloud adoption pick-up, where does that leave the traditional on-premise model of storing enterprise …

Juniper buys SDN startup for $176M

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - December 13th, 2012

Juniper Networks this week acquired Contrail Systems, a startup that makes controllers for software-defined networks, for $176 million in cash and stock. Contrail was founded early this year by officials from Google, Cisco, Juniper …

Forecast: The top 5 trends of Middle East IT

Joe Lipscombe by Joe Lipscombe - December 6th, 2012

  Technology has filtered down to infiltrate every part of our routine life and society at large. The Year 2012 will be remembered for many remarkable events, including the London Olympics which had …

Brocade, Dell to launch first 16 Gbps fibre channel end-to-end solution

Joe Lipscombe by Joe Lipscombe - November 20th, 2012

Brocade has announced a partnership with Dell in the hope of offering the industry’s first complete, end-to-end 16 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) solution based on Dell Compellent. The solution includes servers, switches, and …

Brocade acquires Vyatta

Ben Rossi by Ben Rossi - November 6th, 2012

Brocade yesterday announced that it will acquire privately held Vyatta in an all-cash transaction. Vyatta is based in Belmont, Calif. and is a networking industry innovator through its software-based network operating system that …

Juniper Networks sees another top exec leave

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - October 24th, 2012

A management shake-up at Juniper Networks continues, as Stefan Dyckerhoff has been replaced as executive vice president of Juniper’s Platform Systems Division by Rami Rahim, who currently leads the company’s edge and aggregation routing …

EMC showcases VSPEX Proven Infrastructure Solutions, Completes the Spectrum of Choice for Cloud and End-User Computing at GITEX 2012

CNME Staff by CNME Staff - October 22nd, 2012

Simple, Efficient, and Flexible; VSPEX allows customers to combine their choice of industry-leading server, network, and virtualization technologies into a proven infrastructure validated by EMC and built on a highly flexible EMC storage …

Industry honours winners at ICT Achievement Awards

Joe Lipscombe by Joe Lipscombe - October 15th, 2012

The third annual CNME ICT Achievement Awards were held last night to honour the achievements of the major players from industry within the Middle East. The ceremony, held at Jumeirah Emirates Towers, capped …

Brocade helps KACST deliver high-performance connectivity to research agencies

Joe Lipscombe by Joe Lipscombe - October 7th, 2012

  King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), the national science agency and laboratory for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has collaborated with Brocade to deliver a state-of-the-art network infrastructure comprised of …

Heading into the cloud

CNME Staff by CNME Staff - September 25th, 2012

If you follow cloud computing, you’re no doubt familiar with software-as-a-service, or infrastructure-as-a-service. But how about network-as-a-service (NaaS)? Generally speaking, the concept of NaaS allows carriers to deliver cloud-based networking services like routing, tunneling, …

SCOPE to drive distribution and systems integration through GITEX

Joe Lipscombe by Joe Lipscombe - September 18th, 2012

SCOPE is looking to add new technology capabilities to its systems integration business and expand its distribution line by using GITEX as a platform to meet and sign new partnerships with potential vendors. …

Brocade unveils new VDX 8770 switch platform

Joe Lipscombe by Joe Lipscombe - September 18th, 2012

  Brocade has announced a its new switching platform, the Brocade VDX 8770 Switch, along with VCS Fabric technology enhancements in the hope of taking data centre network simplicity, efficiency and resiliency to …

Brocade offers networking support for Windows Server

Joe Lipscombe by Joe Lipscombe - September 10th, 2012

Brocade today announced support for Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Server 2012 server operating system across all product lines, including the company’s Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN) and Ethernet fabric solutions. Together with Windows …

Equipping smartschools for a digital future

Joe Lipscombe by Joe Lipscombe - August 22nd, 2012

Dubai is no stranger to having to proactively adjust its approach to expanding technologies. With the integration of ICT in schools on the rise worldwide, Dubai has acted by equipping institutions with the …

Brocade awarded $112M verdict in A10 dispute

IDG Reporter by IDG Reporter - August 8th, 2012

Networking equipment company Brocade Communications Systems said late Monday that a jury in California had found competitor A10 Networks responsible for intellectual property infringement and unfair competition, awarding the company a US$112 million …

Still going strong

Ben Rossi by Ben Rossi - August 7th, 2012

As storage technologies go through massive changes, some analysts have begun to doubt the role and relevance of storage area networks (SANs) in Middle East organisations. CNME’s Ben Rossi draws on the opinions …

A plan for your WAN

Jeevan Thankappan by Jeevan Thankappan - July 11th, 2012

Abandoning your dedicated MPLS network for fast Internet connections and IP VPNs can help you slash WAN costs.


CNME Staff by CNME Staff - July 4th, 2012

Five steps to successfully migrate to 802.11ac Migration guide: 802.11AC Migration guide: 802.11AC In-depth Securely Enabling Remote Workers at Lower Cost Than Traditional Approaches Windows To Go: Empower And Secure The Mobile Workforce …

Making the leap

Jeevan Thankappan by Jeevan Thankappan - May 9th, 2012

Standards-based 40- and 100-gigabit Ethernet switches and routers are starting to show up in enterprise networks, and it’s easy to understand why – fast downlinks require faster uplinks. The current solution of aggregating …

  • Hands-on: New iPhones pack big features in thin package

    Few announcements summon as much attention as a brand new iPhone, and this year, for the second time in as many years, Apple gave us two models of its smartphone to pore over. I got my mitts on the newest mobile devices in the hands-on area after Tuesday’s event.

  • Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

    They say that good things come in small packages—diamond rings, the crown jewels, keys to an exotic villa. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, big is beautiful, writes James Dartnell.

  • Acer takes on the Nexus 7 with 7.9″ Intel tablet

    The new A1-830 tablet ticks all of the right boxes for people interested in a functional tablet sporting the sub 8-inch form factor. The tablet sports a 7.9-in, 1024×768 resolution screen at a 4:3 screen ratio; ideal for web browsing and reading e-books.

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